Looking to enroll with an offline or online college degree, but you fear you won’t have the money to afford it?

Truth be told, it’s hard to finance any type of degree programs today, if you haven’t saved up in advanced. But that’s not to say it’s impossible.

First off, today you can opt for online education, which is the cheaper way of getting a higher education. Online college degree programs used to get a bad rep, but not anymore.

The general public has embraced the idea of online degree programs, so much so that what used to be exclusively on-campus colleges are now offering their own online education programs.

Since they are more affordable, it’s easier to pay for online degree programs. For example, you could snag a few scholarships and be done with it.

Scholarships have long been established as powerful tools that assists students who desire to get a higher education. The money awarded does not have to be repaid, but bursaries often come with very specific requirements that need to be fulfilled.

That’s why it’s important to play every single card you got, as a student. For example, if you are part of a minority – any minority – it’s important to use this into your scholarship search.

Sometimes you might not even be aware that you are part of a minority. For example, if you are a female student you have a unique pool of scholarship opportunities to dive into.

Women-specific scholarship originated decades ago, as a means to encourage more ladies to consider going to college. At the time, female students were a minority. That’s no longer the case today, but the trend to offer female-only scholarships has persisted.

So as a female student, you won’t have a hard time finding such scholarship opportunities.

Here’s an example. The Gabriel Love Foundation Scholarship is available for female students who are of enrolled in fine jewelry design courses.

Applications for the scholarships are open for members and non-members of the Women’s Jewelry Association.

Applications are to be submitted online through the www.callforentry.org website. Here you will have to create a profile and upload your work samples in order to start applying for calls.

Once you do so, you will be able to submit your candidature to the Gabriel Love Foundation Scholarship. A preference will be given to the students who clearly articulate a desire to participate in charitable events and how they think jewelry making can improve communities.

You have until April 18 each year to apply. So even if the deadline for this year’s call to action has passed, you can bookmark the scholarship page (below) and come back to it next year. The application period starts on February 28.

The grant is worth $5,000.

Not a jewelry student? No problem. This is only one scholarship program that’s aimed at females. A quick search online will reveal there are many others to be taken advantage of. All you need to do is devote some time to the endeavor.