The Honjo International Foundation invites all international students to apply for the scholarship program to study a postgraduate degree programs in Japan during 2019. This scholarship will be payed from April, 2019. Students are not needed to pay back the money.

There are three options to receive the money once gained:

  • ¥200,000 per month for1 or 2 years
  • (2) ¥180,000 per month for 3 years
  • (3) ¥150,000 per month for 4 or 5 years

Extensions that aren’t set on the pre-determined scholarship period would not be accepted or  the student would not be accepted to change his or her courses after the degree program period has started. Enrollment periods at the different college education programs are needed to be longer than one year, all travel expenses to the international conferences they are welcomed to attend are going to be cover by the program under its own terms.

College education students who already won another scholarship degree programs program will not be able to participate for this scholarship program, is important to keep in mind the more international students are able to enjoy Japan culture, and academic life the merrier.

College education tudents are not able to be working not even in part-time jobs related or no to their career. The only jobs that are possible for them to be part of are: teaching assistants, research assistants, or related to international exchange affairs as translators or interpreters while participating in this scholarship program and being the winner of it.

Is important for the organizations that students attends to a monthly interview, to be part of all events held by this community and be consider an active member of it even when they finish the career. In that case, they would assist to alumni events and be part of the alumni community.

The 20 bachelor degree winners are expected to return to their nation after they finish the scholarship program and work on their field. It is important for the Honjo International Foundation that all the participants are world citizens, having a complete knowledge international relationship and generosity. Of course, if a students is applying to a posgrade program in Japan it is expected that they speak the target language, all internships related to the scholarship program are in Japanese as well.

In addition, of sending the application form completed, the students have to send their Curriculum Vitae including a recent photography of them. The academic background on the CV must mention the courses taken in the undergraduate university and other courses that are the person may or not may be taking in this moment, if they are planning to transfer.

Is is important to let know the foundation what is the research plan about, to let them know the focus, the project, the schedule and the plans that the student has according to it so bachelor degree students get a better chance of winning.

A letter of recommendation of one professor at the bachelor degree program the student was enrolled is important, too. This letter must be confidential, the professor must send it by himself directly to the foundation describing the student goals, achievements and how this authority thinks that this student may influence the society by being part of the current program that he or she is interested in applying.