The Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM), is working with the Coursera online platform, offering free distance learning courses in different fields such as sociology, marketing, education and business. This university is now one of the accredited schools online that is part of this movement.

The university Mexico offers a new group of online university courses. These online courses are given in a virtual and free way for the benefit of teachers, students and the general public from anywhere in the world who are looking to enjoy this opportunity to get accredited schools online education. In addition, you can also ask for the official accreditation that certifies the process during the distance learning courses. That is up to the student.

  1. Strategies and skills for negotiations

The accredited schools online will help the student to get trained and able to analyze the strategies, tools and criteria to give effectiveness to the negotiation process.

  1. Introduction to the Strategy

In this course, you will know the significance of the plan in any type of group; you will distinguish the interactive models that are applied in several nations, who are their main participants and the ones who are more interested they have in a company.

  1. Personal Finance

The distance learning courses course will give participants the tools and skills that will let them to carry out a personal financial planning and understand the need to safeguard their possessions and financial resources, as well as the minimum requirements that must be considered to make good financial decisions.

  1. Introduction to Finance

This online course will pay attention to the the main objective of finance, the importance in the creation of value and maintain it over an efficient use of financial incomes.

  1. Introduction to the world of negotiations

The online courses will help the participants to get information about negotiation, its field and the ones of the opponents, to establish effective negotiations, where a dynamic of proposals and rational and emotional transactions are established, in the agenda of globalization, to generate an atmosphere of negotiation and cooperation. This course in particular pay a close attention to the international business atmosphere.

  1. Introduction to Quality

In this opportunity, the student will get the importance of implementing quality standards and efficient production processes, for the development and continuity of a company or business idea.

  1. Introduction to the Market

This online course is perfecto for those who are craving to learn about the skills used in marketing for the sale and promotion of a product and / or service. It is clear they also consider some methods for determining its price and the characteristics with which said product will count.

  1. The obstacles and the conduction in the negotiations

This course in perfecto of those students who are looking for to understand to identify and highlight the obstacles that arise during the negotiation process, and how to analyze them for its application during the process.

  1. Human and business skills to negotiate

In addition, this last one is for participants that will analyze the concepts of effectiveness of a negotiation, which consists of a human interaction, and the satisfaction of the desires and interests in the negotiations.