Online Courses

Nine online courses focused on business

The Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM), is working with the Coursera online platform, offering free distance learning courses in different fields such as sociology, marketing, education and business. This university is now one of the accredited schools online that is part of this movement. The university Mexico offers a new group of online university courses. These online courses are given in a virtual and free way for the benefit of teachers, students and the general public from anywhere in the…

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Great Online Solutions for You All!

You might already know that lots of colleges have internet courses. They can be expensive, though, and take a lot of time but some of the internet courses are for free. Using internet courses you can learn more about internet technologies, policies,  websites and online communities. Internet courses in one of the great advantages of information technologies. Among cheap online colleges, students can find a wide variety of schools. It is not necessary any more to waste your time for…

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